Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Breakfast Table

I love this time of year.  I love the colors.  I love wearing warm and cozy sweaters and boots (haven't been able to do this just yet).  I love to fill my home with fall and all it's elements.

I bought these place mats on clearance at Kohl's a couple of years ago.  The variety of shapes and colors is a very "me" thing...just take a peek at my chairs. :)

My mom and I made some pumpkin center pieces for friends and ourselves a couple of years ago (another Ike crafting day).  We bought all of our supplies at Garden Ridge on sale BB (before blogging).  We cut a hole in the top of carvable pumpkins, filled them with fall colored flowers and berries, and finished them off with big, beautiful bows.  They turned out spectacularly!

I spied a few similar pumpkin center pieces at Michael's the other day with an $80.00 price tag (they didn't look as good as ours... :) just saying).  Wowza!  Don't be afraid to make your own.  If it doesn't look right the first time, take the pieces out and try again (the little block of floral foam in the middle of that pumpkin has too many holes to count).

I'll be linking up to some of my favorite parties found HERE!



  1. This looks beautiful. I love the pumpkin centerpieces!

  2. Very cute! I just made my first pumpkin vase. Easy peasy!! It'll be up on my blog this weekend. I love the bow on yours!

  3. i love the placemats, but you could definitely make them with a little corduroy! but then again, if they were on clearence.. ;)

  4. LOVE the placemats.

    New follower from welcome wednesday

  5. This is so pretty. I just saw pumpkins for $.60 I think I need to go get some.


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