Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sutch an Inspiration

Happy February!  I love this month of love and I adore seeing all of the lovey dovey crafty goodness floating around Blogland right now.  Here are a few of the many things that caught my eye this week:

I think this Love Birds artwork that Michelle from Loving Every Second made is darling.  It reminds me of the hubs (my love not tell him I called him that) and that makes me feel all swoony. 

I think this ribbon heart would be adorable on the front of a Valentine's Day card!  Nat Mac's Knick Knacks shows us how to create this sweet and simple Valentine's sweetie.

I'm a huge fan of silverware decor.  In fact, I'm adding some silverware elements to my kitchen soon.  Kelsey from the Poofy Boutique (super fun name) used some Pottery Barn artwork to inspire these hand painted replicas!  I just love them and am thinking I want a set for my kitchen too!

Getting the new Ballard Designs catalog is kind of like Christmas day...and instant inspiration! :)  Cleverly Inspired made this BD inspired newspaper dress for $4.00!  WOW!  So cute and super simple!  Head on over to check out how she made it.

In the same Ballard catalog, I saw a bundle of books much like the ones Uruguay White Life made.  I  adore the addition of the antiqued-looking paper she put on the outside of each book.  Stop by her blog to check out the tutorial...let the pictures be your guide (they are lovely...and have English key words).

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing these projects and for being SUTCH an inspiration! :)



  1. Thank you sooo much for featuring my ribbon heart!! You have made my day:)

  2. Thanks for featuring my {Love Birds}!!!

    Your blog looks so cute - I'm a new follower :)


  3. What a fun blog you have - first time here!

  4. Great features Erin! I need to get on the Ballard designs mailing list!

  5. Love all the features Erin. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fabulous features! I, too, need to get on the Ballard shopping list!


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