Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sutch an Inspiration

Hi Beautiful Friends! I hope all is well and you are feeling the love!  I cannot believe that Valentine's is less than a week away.  How do you celebrate with your sweetie?  I want to surprise the hubs with a nice evening but need ideas for staying in since we have the monkey. :)  Any thoughts?

Well, there is definitely not a short supply of inspiration in blogland right now.  My inspiration is a little all over the place which I guess describes me a little bit this week.  :)

I am LOVING this wreath from Snips & Spice!  How cute is that chain link detail?  I love how Malory secures everything to the wreath with straight pins so she can change up the theme in a flash!  So very clever!

If I were going out to dinner for Valentine's Day (BTW, anyone want to babysit?), I would want to carry this lace envelope clutch that Amie over at Kitty Cats and Airplanes made.  It's big enough to hold the essentials and gives just a touch of sex appeal without being over the top.

If you still haven't bought Valentine's for you kiddos, then take a look at this super cute idea from searching simplicity.  Making your own Valentine's is a win win win situation...you save a ton of money (2 packs of pencils at the $1.00 store and paper for your printer), you get to spend some time with your kiddos being creative, and your kiddos look super cool because their friends got a card AND a prize! :)  Instant cool points! :)

And this little guy just made me think of my little guy!  Need I say more?  :)  The monkey likes to watch The Backyardigans before bedtime.  The Domestic Sugar Bake Shop astounded me with this 3-D cake of Pablo!  It's perfection...especially little Tyron the moose peeking over Pablo's shoulder.  So sweet...literally! :)

Ladies, you are SUTCH an inspiration! :)  Please grab a button from the sidebar.  You deserve it! :)

Tomorrow I have one more Valentine's Day project to share!  You will LOVE ((insert foreshadowing here) my mom, the English teacher, would be so proud) it! :)



  1. Thank you so much for including me in our round-up! :) It is an honor!

  2. I love that wreath very pretty!! This has to be one of my favorite things, when I saw that you had your Sutch an Inspiration up I had to come and see all the great stuff.

  3. Thanks for featuring my wreath! I had so much fun making it, and I can't wait to doctor it up for the next holiday.

  4. I think I have a wreath problem. LOVE this one! Super cute picks this week. And that Pablo cake is awesome. My little guy loves that show, too!

    So we typically do fondue at home for V-day. Cook the whole meal that way! But this year, since the little guy will be eating with us, I think we'll just fondue dessert. I think he'll love that! He's all about "dipping" things. :)

  5. WOW! Thanks for featuring my valentine's tags. You brought a smile to my face. :)

  6. I JUST found your blog and I'm in LOVE! I'm following you now and am off to read more of your older posts.


  7. I love your blog! I am your newest follower, I hope you will follow me too :)



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