Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vintage Post: Father's Day Banner and a Craft Fail

Hello, Friends!  I hope all is well!  With Father's Day right around the corner, I thought I would share a vintage Crafts & Sutch post.  This is a sweet way to honor all the dads on their special day...and get a jolly good laugh!

Originally posted on June 5th, 2010:
Have you ever had a bad craft day?  Well, I had one today and I have to tell you, it's not so much fun.  This post will make you laugh and cry...from laughter!

I made this super cute bracelet last night!

Totally FUN, right?  So I woke up and started working on another one for a tutorial.  Well, it was a colossal bust...literally.  It busted open.  See.

So needless to say, I took a brake from the fabric covered bracelet.  It is salvageable, and there will be a tutorial...some day.  :)

On to craft project number two, a banner for Father's Day!  It's Keith's first Father's Day and I wanted to make it really special!  I thought an "I love Daddy" banner would be perfect!  Then I had a stroke of genius!  I thought, "Why don't I make this two-sided?"  I decided to put I "heart" Daddy on one side and Freedom on the other.  I "heart" Daddy can hang until Father's Day and Freedom could be displayed for the rest of June and early July.  Holy cow!  What a great idea!  See take a look.


And now here's the other side.

My stroke of genius turned into a very, ugly blond moment.  :)  Freedom turned into Modeerf...not really a patriotic word.  When you put the start of one word on the back of the start of the second word (does that make sense), it doesn't work out so well.  :)  I can laugh about it...now.

I will definitely attempt the two-sided banner again because it is pretty fantastic.  I'll just be more careful next time!  My day wasn't a total bust.  The I "heart" Daddy banner turned out perfect and I learned a GREAT lesson!  :)  LOL!



  1. that is so funny! BUT your father's day banner is adorable and it IS a great idea! I did a reversible banner for halloween/thanksgiving last year. You can check it our if you want.

  2. lol that's funny... i do stuff like that too... can't blame it on the hair but i wish i could!

  3. LOL! Erin, this is my favorite post ever! Haha, thanks for sharing :) The "I Love Daddy" side turned out great... and maybe you and your family can start a new holiday: Happy Modeerf! ;)

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  5. just popping over to say howdy ( -:

  6. YEAH I totally would have made mine say I <3 MODEERF ;) its so cute regardless of the lil goof. actually it gives it more character!


  7. Love the Fathers Day banner...I adore the modeerf - in a wacky way! I might do that to see if anyone pays attention! Here's to blonde moments!

  8. İt's beautiful, ı like it:)

  9. This is awesome. I have those hiccups all the time it seems like. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

    And let modeerf ring!

  10. erin! just stopping by to say hello and hope you are having an amazing summer ( -:

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  12. The banner made me laugh! I do stamped jewelery and was working on a two sided pendant and did essentially the same thing you did. The letters weren't backwards, but the words were on the wrong area when I went to solder them together. A pretty expensive mistake with sterling being as expensive as it is!!!
    Angie S

  13. Do i ever hate a bad craft day!! ugh!!! they are not fun at all!! but atleast yougot one down rihgt? :)

    love K

  14. It's not a total loss. If I'm seeing it correctly, it should be pretty easy to restring it after fathers day so that you can switch sides. It beats not being able to use the other side at all, right?

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